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Griswold Style Vacation 2015 12

Day 11

Day Eleven July 16

We slept in a tiny bit, then got everything packed up and loaded in the car. We stopped at a Starbucks and got drinks and some breakfast foods for the ride. The drive to Carlsbad, California was beautiful with ocean views on parts of the drive.

We arrived at our hotel around 11. We stayed at the Econolodge. I wasn't expecting much, but it was really nice! They let us check in even though we were early. We dumped off some bags and headed to Legoland, the grand finale of our trip. Or so we hoped.

We got to Legoland around noon. It was crowded. We got up to the turnstiles with our red ticket vouchers and the goofball worker at the gate was like, well I can't get these to scan. He had a keypad where he could have typed it in like Universal and Disneyland, but nope. He said, you need to pull those up on your phone so I can scan them. This was how the customer service went the entire visit. Legoland employees leave much to be desired.

We got in the park and went to a scrambler type ride first. It was okay. The line wasn't too bad.

We loved all the Lego statues.

We walked past a couple other rides with hour long waits. Great. Antonio found this play area where you could shoot balls at each other and played for a while. I had to drag him out of there.

Then Halie, Antonio, and I got in line for a dropping type ride, but it was broken. They tested it about ten times, then loaded it. Antonio got on, but the worker said you two better wait for the next ride, I don't want it to fall again. Uhhhh....I don't know if I want my kid on it if it fell earlier! We went out through the exit and let Antonio ride. He seemed to enjoy it.

I had sent Quentin on the impossible task of finding a pen. He ended up going clear back to the front entrance, buying something and begging pen off the cashier. I wanted a pen to circle all the rides we were missing so we could hit them tomorrow.

In the meantime, Antonio and I rode some slides. They had a blue bumpy slide that you ride down on a sack, but it was closed because it was "too hot." Ummmm....by hot do you mean beautiful weather? Too windy and too hot are very different definitions in California and Kansas.

When Quentin returned with the money, we had to play some carnival games of course. Halie got really mad because she wanted a tie dye bear and didn't get enough points. Antonio did get enough points and got one. He decided to trade with her. They can be sweet to each other ocassionally.

We headed up to a knight themed area and found another roller coaster with an hour wait. Yay. Antonio rode a horse ride which was really cute. and had a short wait.

Then the three of them got in line for this crazy twisty turny ride called Knights Tournament. I told them I was going to go find out about the Ride Reserve. Of course, to do this, I had to go clear back to the front of the park. This park wasn't designed like Disney. It's not a main center with spokes and easy to get around. It was a big loop. If you wanted to get somewhere, you had to go clear around the loop.

I found the Ride Reserve booth. You get a little electronic device and make ride reservations. You can make one at a time. When your time is up, you go to to the ride and they check you in. Depending on the level you buy, that's how long you wait. For $25 per person, you could cut the wait down 25%. For $55 per person, you could cut the wait down 50%. For $100 per person, you could cut the wait down 95%. There were, I think, 12 rides this worked for. It must have been the pregnancy brain, but I thought about buying it. Quentin talked me off that ledge. We decided we would do what we could today, and come back early tomorrow and finish things off.

I got back over to the twisty turny ride line which had said it was a 15 minute wait and they had now been in line for half an hour, and got Antonio who didn't want to go. He was hungry, so we went to the barbecue place in the knight area. I got a platter of hot link, pulled pork, and brisket for Q, Halie, and I to share. I got Antonio a hot dog meal. I paid an arm and a leg.

After we ate, the kids wanted to play more stinking carnival games. This would be the last one of the trip. They both got a little dragon. Quentin bought some apple fries while they played. They were delicious!

Antonio and I found a really cool playground and he spent a long time on that while Quentin went and checked out the Star Wars Miniland. If I lived near Legoland, I would have a season pass for the fun playground areas. Antonio could have stayed in there for hours.

Next, we all went and looked at the Star Wars Miniland. It was super cool!

Then we went to the regular Miniland. It was also super cool! These were my favorite part of the park!

We continued on the loop towards the pirate area, that guess what, had a ride with an hour wait! Antonio had fun shooting the water cannon at people on the ride.

It was about 4:00 by now and I wanted to use our park hopper option to go to the waterpark. We had a bit of an issue here. Halie and Quentin didn't want to go. I said well we are going. She replied, what are we supposed to do? I was pretty fed up with playing Tour Guide Krista at this point and was sick of hearing complaining so I told them to get on their phones and buy a plane ticket home for all I care. Antonio and I went and changed in to our suits and got in the pool.

He played in the kid area for a while.

Then he went on the little kid lazy river. My teacher side came out because there was no organized line and people kept cutting. I got that straightened out by standing in between the line and the area where people cut through and pointed out the end of the line to anyone that tried to cut.

It was kind of weird because there were like 20 tubes, but they only had about 6 on the lazy river at once. The kids could go around as many times as they wanted. When Antonio finally got to go, I told him he could only go around twice.

After that, he did the slides a couple times.

Then we went to the zoo area. While over there, Halie came to ask what we were doing. Uh...playing at a waterpark. She said she was bored. I said, that is your problem, if you want to have fun, put on swimsuit. No sense sitting on a bench in your clothes staring at waterpark. She went to change and joined us.

The three of us went on a big family raft ride which was pretty fun.

Then we went on the lazy river which was cool. We went around twice. There are big legos floating in the water that you can use to build on your tube. Very cute.

After that, Halie wanted to go to the wave pool. It was in the Lego Chima waterpark which was on the other side. The wave pool was tiny. They made Antonio wear a life jacket. I thought that was weird.

We stayed in there a bit, then Antonio wanted to go to the Chima play area. We were freezing when we got out and wished we had our towels. Halie and I found some seats in the sun and tried to get dry.

After a bit, we had Antonio get out and we went to the pirate area where there appeared to be a cool ride, but it broke down as we walked up. I wanted to go to the pirate play area that I had seen from Legoland. Strangely, it seems to only be accessible from the Legoland side, although it is definitely a water play area.

I was ready to go back to the regular park by now so we found Quentin, and got changed. Well, Antonio stayed in his swim trunks. I was having a hard time dragging him away from another play area.

Antonio and I rode on Police and Fire rescue ride. It was so weird. You had to pump this thing up and down to make it go. I couldn't even make it budge. One of the workers had to come do it for us. When you get to the end, you have to jump off and spray something, but we couldn't find the button and by the time we did, it was time to get back on our car and pump our way back.

After the ride, the four of us went to the Adventurer's Club for a guided tour of looking for the keys. It said maximum of 20. Then the guy started letting more and more people in. There were probably 40. Including this annoying loud drunk guy. I would have rather done the walkthrough on our own. The tour is only at set times.

Next, Halie and Antonio went on the pirate ride we had seen earlier with a long wait time. They got absolutely drenched. Halie had changed back in to her clothes and was none too happy!!! Luckily we had our beach towels for them to snuggle up in as it was getting cold.

We were back in the knight area getting ready to go on the roller coaster when Halie asked for her purse. I had set it down on the bench Quentin and I were sitting on while they did the wet pirate ride. When they got back all wet, I had jumped up and to get them towels and not grabbed it. Quentin and Halie ran back to look for it, and a worker said, it had already been taken to guest service at the front of the park. Of course to get there, you have to loop allllll the way around.

Antonio and I decided to head up there to find them when we saw this jet type water ride with a short line. As we get on the ride, Antonio says he really has to pee. This had been an ongoing theme throughout our theme park visits. He would wait until the most inconvenient time to mention that he needed to go to the restroom. While on the ride, we were getting sprayed with water, he was shivering and saying he was cold, then suddenly my feet were warm. I freaked out and said, are you peeing? Yes, sorry mama. The ride had a grate on the bottom so it was just going back in to the water that I hope was chlorinated.

We got off the ride and Quentin and Halie were there. I grabbed a bottle of water and dumped it on my feet and his. Both of them assumed I had peed my pants! Um...no!

We had time for one more ride before the park closed so went on the boat ride that takes a little tour around the lake.

As we were leaving, we had to go to the gift shop of course. It was a madhouse. Quentin was looking on his phone for a Mexican restaurant. Can you tell what our favorite cuisine is? He found a good place nearby and we headed over.

Halie was super sweet to Antonio while we were there and they colored together. Our food was really good except for the fried ice cream which was pathetic. We asked for water refills one time after waiting forever and the waitress told us that they don't automatically refill your water due to the drought, you have to ask. That would be good to know at the beginning of the meal.

There wasn't queso dip on the menu, but they gave you a complimentary queso type dip made of cheese, heavy whipping cream, and jalapenos. The kids were happy to finally have queso.

After dinner it was back to the hotel and off to bed.

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