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Griswold Style Vacation 2015 11

Day 10

Day Ten July 15

I had big plans for us today. We were going to go to the extra magic hours at California Adventure, like we had yesterday at Disneyland. We were going to get to ride Radiator Springs at opening and again with a fastpass.

Too bad there were a couple issues with this. Number one, our four day park hoppers only came with one magic morning entrance and somehow I had blocked this out until we were in the line. Number two, magic morning is only good at Magic Kingdom. California Adventure's early opening is only for onsite hotel guests.

I had drug Halie out of bed at 6 am, to be to the parks at 6:45, only to find out we couldn't get in to either until 8. Whoopsies! Pregnancy brain struck me hard that day.

We decided to go over to Downtown Disney. I still hadn't found my 60th anniversary ears, and I was hoping World of Disney would be open. Nope, not open till 10. On to Starbucks. Although Halie was annoyed, having Starbucks made her much happier. How can you not be happy when you have a venti white chocolate mocha iced with 7 pumps, a cake pop, a breakfast sandwich, and a piece of banana bread. Yes, that girl will suck down your Starbucks gift card with one visit.

At 7:45 we headed back over to California Adventure to get in line. I was shocked to see the gates were open for regular guests. As we went through, I asked the cast member what time they opened and he said 7:30. I was a little upset thinking we were behind the ball again. I went in a store in search of the anniversary ears and found something even better, sparkly anniversary ears!

We left the store and saw that the non on-site guests were being held up by a rope at the fountain. I told Quentin that when the rope dropped I would be getting Radiator Springs fastpasses and then meeting them at Paradise Pier. The plan went off without a hitch and we had morning fastpasses in hand. While I got fastpasses, they all rode Toy Story Mania. I also got fastpasses for World of Color.

While in line for the Radiator Springs fastpasses, a famly behind me was confused thinking they were in line for the ride. I explained fastpass and told them the wait on the ride was already 45 minutes. They asked what to do next, I told them Toy Story. After I left the line I realized I should get the World of Color fastpass now as well. I turned around and looked for that family to tell them to get their World of Color fastpass as soon as possible.

I headed over to Paradise Pier and waited for the others to get off Toy Story. I was sad to miss it, but glad they got to go. We all rode the carousel (so nice and comfy compared to the STUPID Legoland carousel, more on that coming up).

I had to use the restroom, so I sent them to get in line for the Ferris Wheel with instructions not to go on the swinging side. I got to the line and they were on the swinging side. Those punks! I screamed each time we swung. Antonio would rub my belly and tell the baby it was okay. It was so sweet.

Next we all went on the Silly Symphony Swings. They are so fun!

Then the kids went on the jellyfish ride while Quentin and I goofed around at the hat shop.

Antonio and Halie went to go on the Golden Zephyr and I decided to join them at the last minute. Quentin went to get fastpasses for California Screamin.'

After the Zephyr we did a bit of shopping. Antonio got some blanket babies, I bought them both a hat, and Antonio bought himself the magic paintbrush.

Then we all headed to Radiator Springs to use our fastpass.

Afterwards it was already time for the California Screamin' Fastpasses. I told Halie and Quentin to use both sets to ride twice. The next part is very naughty. I told them when they go to the top each time, to ask for a rider switch pass. So they got to ride it four times in a row.

In the meantime, Antonio and I rode the carousel and played carnival games. It's not like our car was already overflowing with junk, let's win some more stuffies!

We won on the water game.

He won every stuffy there was on the fishing game.

Then I bought a card to play the game where you roll the ball in to the holes, to make the horse move. I wanted to win him a big Bullseye. The first time, I had good aim, but my ball never came out of the return quickly. The lady next to me had much better luck with her ball return. The next game I sat in number three where she was and won!

We were heading over to Goofy's Sky Coaster when Halie stopped in a gift shop. Antonio and I went on over and grabbed fastpasses. While we waited for Halie to finish shopping, the ride broke. Boooooooo.

We got some buttons at a gift shop. Then we rode the Little Mermaid ride.

After Little Mermaid, Goofy was still broken. Booooooo. We decided to get some lunch on the wharf area.

Quentin finally got his bread bowl of clam chowder. He also got a margarita. He said it was just okay. After we ate I bought us a sourdough Mickey head. Then we did the bread factory tour. They weren't actually making bread so it was sort of lame.

We were all pretty ready to go by this point, but I wanted to get some fastpasses to use at Disneyland that night when we went back for the fireworks. We decided to divide and conquer. We took the railroad to New Orleans Square where Halie and I got off to get Splash Mountain fastpasses. The boys rode to Toon Town, where they met Mickey Mouse.

The boys beat us back to Main Street. We called up our Uber, went to the hotel and took a nap. Shockingly, Antonio was begging to take naps at this point because he knew Tinkerbell would come. Maybe Tinkerbell needs to visit our house on the weekends when I want to take a nap.

Quentin stayed up and worked until it was nearly time to leave, then fell asleep. Poor guy. He had to be tired. He would often stay up working on things for the business.

We got back to the park around 6:30. We were going to use our Splash Mountain fastpasses, when I realized the area up front wasn't all saved yet for the parade. This was surprising because most days it was full by 4. I sent them on to Splash and saved us some seats at the front of the park. The plan was to watch the parade, see the fireworks, rush over to California Adventure and see World of Color.

While they were on Splash I chatted a bit with the people next to me. A cast member noticed one of their first visit buttons and had us all stand and sing Happy First Visit to You. Then she saw my button on my belly for the baby. And had me blow out a candle (her glow stick for directing traffic). She was super nice. But like a Disney Villain, it didn't last long.

When Quentin and the kids got back, he took my seat and I was going to go with them to California Adventure to use our Grizzly River Run and Goofy's Sky School fastpasses. She came over and asked where we were going. I told her. She said, you can't leave, it is one body per seat, and no seat saving. I said everyone is saving seats look around there are blankets everywehre. She said, well you're not supposed to. There is no guarantee that these seats will be here. I was getting really annoyed because I'd been sitting there for an hour already and she hadn't said anything.

I said it was absurd to expect children to sit and wait for a parade for three hours. She went on about how her four children sit and wait for the parade all the time. Quentin said with straight jackets on? She said, no they just listen to their mother and do what I say. At that point, I was super annoyed with her for ruining the Disney magic. I had been sitting there enjoying the atmosphere and wasn't even concerned that I had another hour and a half at least of waiting.

Antonio was getting upset that we weren't going to the rides. I told them to go and I would save the seats. He wanted to stay because they had already gotten wet on Splash Mountain and he wasn't interested in Grizzly River Run. I told Quentin, he needed to go because he is too polite and if they told him to move he would, where I would go off on them and not move. Halie was angry about her wet shoes and didn't want to go ride rides. Quentin took Antonio to California Adventure to ride Goofy's Sky School, which of course, was still broken.

He waited in line at lost and found for awhile to look for the bubble gun, but the line was not moving so he came back and took the spots so I could go order our photopass CD. I also wanted to buy him a hoodie. I went clear over to the Star Tours area, but couldn't find any. I stopped and bought a macaroni and cheese hot dog with bacon bits on top, and a Mickey pretzel with cheese. Then went back to our parade spot.

Antonio was having a great time playing with some little girls across the street from us. The bad thing is he was wearing his crocs and all the running around caused a big blister on his toe which caused a major freakout later on.

When it got dark enough, he started using his magic paintbrush to change people's ear colors and paintbrush colors. He had a battle with the guy who had the cart of glowing stuff. Right before the parade started, the guy gave him a button that said, "I painted the night." It was really cool.

The parade was really awesome. I'm glad we got to see it. I'm not sure waiting all that time is worth it, but for a one time deal it was fine. Antonio was a little upset because they said his paintbrush would change things in the parade, but it really didn't do much. We just kept telling him that it was changing the color when we weren't sure it was doing anything.

When the parade ended we moved over a bit to get a good view of the fireworks. An announcement was made, but we couldn't really hear it. Then I noticed it was past time for the fireworks. I figured they were delayed, so I went to ask a cast member who said they were cancelled due to the wind. You've got to be kidding me. We are talking a breeze if that. Whatever. On to California Adventure for World of Color.

As we walked over there, we saw tons of people sitting the plaza between the two parks waiting for the fireworks. As we walked through, I told people the fireworks were cancelled due to the wind. I ruined a lot of people's day, but I figured I might as well tell them so they don't sit there waiting.

By the time we got to the giant fastpass line for World of Color, Antonio was definitely too tired to be there. I left him in line with Quentin while Halie and I ran to the bathroom. I made it back just as the line started moving. Halie had the paintbrush, thank goodness, because we were super far away from where we were when she came out.

We got to our assigned area and found a good spot. I forgot to mention that on our way out of California Adventure earlier I had tried to grab fastpasses for the later show and it wouldn't work because I had passes to the earlier show. The cast member gave me some though. Good thing, because we were at the later show now.

The show was great, but I didn't get to enjoy it much. Antonio was whining about being tired and bored and wanting to play on my phone. I was having pregnancy emotions and crying. It was all kind of a mess.

We left through the Grand Californian and went to Downtown Disney to do our last minute shopping at World of Disney. It was a crowded mess in there. We got our stuff, called an Uber to pick us up at the Grand Californian, and went back to our hotel and passed out.

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