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Griswold Style Vacation 2015 10

Day 9

Day Nine July 14

I had set an alarm for 6 am today. The plan was for Quentin, Antonio, and I to go to the 7 am magic morning at Disneyland while Halie slept. The alarm went off and I couldn't get up. I was so tired. Luckily Antonio popped out of bed a few minutes later, we threw on clothes, called an Uber to pick us up, and headed to the park.

The driver hit a red light on Harbor right by the crosswalk, so we jumped out, grabbed the stroller and rushed to the park. We were in by 7:20. Not too bad for not getting much sleep. We went straight to Fantasyland. The line for Peter Pan was already crazy. We weren't surprised by this, but we don't understand why people will wait an hour for that ride. I mean, it's cute, but it's not that great.

First, we went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Then Antonio and I went on the teacups. Quentin got in line for Alice in Wonderland.

We met Quentin in the line and were off to wonderland. Such a cute ride!

Next up was the carousel. In the meantime, I was searching for 60th anniversary ears. I didn't want the ones that light up. Just the plain ones. They were sold out everywhere.

While Antonio and I waited for Dumbo, I sent Quentin to get fastpasses for Space Mountain.

Then Antonio and I rode Casey Jr's Circus Train. Adorable! We were in the monkey car which makes perfect sense for Antonio because he is such a little monkey climbing on stuff all the time.

Quentin made it back after that. He had made a side trip to Starbucks. He was much happier after that. We all went on Pinocchio.

After we got off, we saw the Mad Hatter walking by. We said hello, and he noticed Antonio's birthday button and stopped for a picture.

Next we rode Snow White's Scary Adventures. So sad that they don't have this at Disney World anymore.

Quentin got in line for the Storybook Land Boats while Antonio and I met Peter Pan.

We caught up with him in line and all rode the boats together. Such a cute ride. I couldn't understand our boat driver. He talked too close to the mike or something.

We waited in quite a line after that for Buzz Lightyear. I like the guns here better than Disney World. Quentin says for being a girl and for never going to a shooting range, he doesn't know how I always beat him on the Disney shooting games.

Antonio wanted to meet Tinkerbell next. We waited for a few minutes with no shade, and decided to leave. He was mostly concerned with his lack of Tinkerbell gifts.

We used our Space Mountain fastpass next and grabbed a Star Tours fastpass for later.

We ate lunch at the pizza place in Tomorrowland. Antonio said his kids pizza was delicious, then only ate like three bites. He did eat his carrots though. Quentin and I shared a slice of pepperoni and an asian chicken salad which was really good. We think we may have been fresh vegetable deprived and that's why the salad was so good.

When we finished eating, we used our Star Tours fastpass.

It was around then that Halie called and said she was up and hungry. I realized we had the snacks in the stroller and the rest were in the car which we had the key to. She told us she had gone to the vending machine and bought herself a lunchable. We decided to head back to meet up with her.

We called an Uber to pick us up off Harbor and went back to our luxurious Motel 6. Quentin was going to go look at limos at a manufacturer in town. He asked Halie to go, but Sleeping Beauty decided she would rather take a nap with Antonio and I. After a three hour nap, I woke up, put out Tinkerbell gifts and called Quentin to tell him to bring a case of water and some bread. I had intended for us to eat some meals of sandwiches in the park and we hadn't done that yet.

We all got back to Disneyland around 6 that evening and walked over to pick up Fantasmic fastpasses which were for the late show by that point. We also got Big Thunder Mountain Fastpasses. Quentin and I had a disagreement about dinner. It was more of a misunderstanding that led to a pregnant lady freakout disaster. We split up for a bit, I watched Antonio play with some little girls, then we met back up. We went to New Orleans Square to get gumbo in a bread bowl. While Q was in line, I looked for a table. There were no tables, but I spotted a restaurant called Cafe Orleans. They had gumbo on the menu. I called Quentin and told him to get out of line and put our name on the list. They said it would be half an hour. We sent the kids to do Haunted Mansion while we waited. We went to some shops, and I bought a Minnie Mouse jacket. After waiting 45 minutes, Quentin went to check with the hostess. He said our name wasn't even on the list, although we had a beeper. They sat us soon after that.

I felt terrible when I found out their gumbo didn't come in a bread bowl. Quentin was okay though because they had a monte cristo and he was excited for that. It was huge!!! It was also delicious! I got a chicken gumbo crepe which was also yummy. Antonio got the kids mac and cheese. Halie wanted that as well, the waitress said she couldn't order the kids one, but she would give her an adult portion, although it wasn't on the menu. We also got the kids light up souvenir cups. When we got the check we discovered that Halie's mac and cheese was the most expensive thing we ordered and it was basically the kids mac and cheese with some carrots and broccoli on top. We got punked. We also got an appetizer of sweet potato fries and some other type of fries with parmesan and garlic on them. Obviously we were way hungry!

Antonio wanted me to tie his napkin on his head like a pirate. The waitress brought him out birthday beignets.

After dinner it was time to line up for Fantasmic. Talk about a absolute mess. When we got over there, there was one family in line with a double jogging stroller and two wheelchairs. We got behind them. I left to to go the bathroom, which was a million miles away. When I returned, There were a bunch of people in front of us. Quentin said, the Cast Member had moved the line. I shoved us up a little bit to be closer to the rope. People kept gathering around and it was so frustrating.

A bit before they would drop the rope, they started explaining the procedure of going in. One of the Cast Member's was nervous and said she was from California Adventure and didn't know what she was doing. I figure they had to call in extra help due to the 60th anniversary and it being so busy.

The family with the wheelchairs was asking how they were going to be able to get in without being trampled. There seemed to be no answer. When they dropped the rope, it was a stampede to another rope. Quentin ended up far behind us with the stroller. The dad with the jogging stroller was with us. The wheelchairs were nowhere to be seen. He started asking the Cast Members again how they were going to let the wheelchairs in without them being trampled/separated. One cast member said we were going to let them go first when the rope dropped. One was kind of rude and said, you should be at handicap seating, not here. He replied, this is where we were told to go. We were told wheelchairs would go in first.

When they dropped the rope, some people started shoving forward. I stepped out and blocked them and said, let the wheelchairs go. Once they passed, we rushed towards the gate by the water to sit down. We started to sit down, and a cast member says, no this is the area for people with dining packages. I said, you should have said that before we were over here, I'm not moving. Luckily Quentin had stopped on the other side of the invisible rope separating fastpass holders from dining package people and we still got front row seats. By now I was very annoyed. It would only get worse. After sitting for 15 minutes, a cast member came and told us we couldn't have our stroller. I got really ticked and said, why didn't you tell us that before we brought a stroller in here now we are surrounded by a huge crowd. She said they should have told us at the rope. I said, are there any more rules you want to tell us about half an hour too late? We folded up the stroller and laid it on the ground. Thankfully we were by a post in the fence so nobody was sitting there on the super special dining side.

All that separated the lowly fastpass holders from the dining package guests was a piece of masking tape on the ground. If your butt cheek crossed that masking tape, a cast member was on you like flies on shit. It was so stupid. There was tons of room in the dining area even as the show was going on.

I, like a dummy, thought the show started 30 minutes after we got to sit down. The announcement came on, and I was thinking Thank God, start this show, my butt hurts from sitting on the concrete. Nope, it said, the show will start in 15 minutes. That sucked. We had to sit there for 45 minutes waiting. That's on top of the 30 minutes we stood in the fastpass line that kept moving so there was no point in even being in the line, but our fastpass ticket said, be there thirty minutes early.

The pirate ship in the Disneyland show is cool, but Disney World has the better Fantasmic due to the seating situation being stadium style seats and organized rather than complete chaos.

I forgot to mention that a cast member had recommended that we watch the fireworks from the same area by Fantasmic so we could be in the line. There was a slight breeze. The fireworks were cancelled because of the wind. I think they should come to Kansas and feel some real wind.

After the show, we got the heck out of dodge. We were able to see some of the parade on our way out. I hoped we would be able to watch it, but there was no way, I was saving a spot 5 hours early like we had seen people doing. Crazy.

They sent us out of the park via a backstage exit. We called up our Uber and were back in the room lickety split.

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